Acquisition & Processing Services

At Sandor, we review policies sent by a network of life settlement agents and providers. It is the invaluable relationships with these intermediaries that allow us to source life insurance policies that meet our clients’ requests. We also provide portfolio assembly options to meet our clients' needs as required by certain large institual muiti-policy purchasers.

Once policies have been through an initial review process, we utilize our in-house valuation technology as well as our proprietary software to evaluate all policies to ensure they meet our clients' needs.

Premium Optimization & Cost of Insurance (COI) Analysis

One of the fundamental components of the Life Settlement evaluation process is the determination of the amount of premiums required to keep an acquired policy “in force” over the life of the insured. It is critical that these calculations be as accurate as possible to avoid over or underpayment of premiums. Policy analysts at Sandor review the life insurance policies in-force illustration, verification of coverage, mortality reports, and other key data pertaining to the insured to uncover all of the pertinent facts related to the policy. Analysts then use premium optimization and pricing software tools to develop the premium payment schedules necessary to properly assess the overall value of each life settlement policy under examination.