Trustee & Escrow Services

At Sandor, we provide access to both trustee and escrow account professional organizations for clients to ensure efficient and professional fund transfers and maintenance.

Trustee Services

Trustees are an individual or organization that accepts responsibility and has the powers to act on behalf of another. This occurs most commonly in a trust situation. The trustee has the power and authority to conduct business on behalf of the client. The trustee signs as owner on behalf of trusts owning / maintaining funds or life insurance / life settlements as necessary.

Escrow Services

In every life settlement transaction, an escrow agent is retained on behalf of both the seller and buyer to establish a level of trust and security, ensuring all terms of the purchase agreement and transaction are met. The Escrow Agent is typically an independent entity such as a Bank, CPA firm, Law firm, or specialty escrow company, who holds and processes all documents and funds in the transaction pursuant to instructions provided by the parties of the transaction.